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The HIPAA Risk Analysis is the 1st step required to be HIPAA Compliant and comprehensively reviews the Covered Entity and/or Business Associate information systems, including the following components:


  • The Internal network infrastructure

  • External connectivity

  • Business Line Applications

  • Data Backup Systems

  • Workstations

  • Work Force readiness

  • Processes and Procedures


The risk analysis identifies threats to the security of the provider’s PHI, including natural, human, and environmental threats. It also identifies the nature of each threat or vulnerability and how each may damage information security.


Futuremax provides the most comprehensive and complete Risk Analysis for your office information systems. We provide proof that you have completed a Risk Analysis by a 3rd Party.


We can also assist with developing the Master HIPAA Policy and Procedures documentation at additional cost.


To get started, call us at (817) 605-8070 or Fill out the Risk Assessment Contact Form and we will promptly contact you to discuss.