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Just like a home inspection helps provide assurance in buying a home, a 3rd party Technical Inspection Baseline Report gives you peace of mind that the valuable company data is protected and safe.


With over 30 years of computer-network security expertise, you can rely on us to help reduce risks and exposures. Our Futuremax Technical Inspection Report provides confidence to confirm IT support is working.  

Smart business owner(s) realize the cost of losing company data could sink the business, so schedule a Futuremax Technical Inspection every quarter, semi annual or once a year and/or as technology changes. Also if you are buying or selling a business or merging with another company, call us to baseline the state of technology.  

Our inspection process identifies risks and gaps in infrastructure systems:  security perimeters, WiFi, workstations, network servers, workforce usage, contingency planning, backups, disaster recovery, cloud SAAS services, medical devices and other technologies. With over 30 years of IT infrastructure design, deployment and management expertise, our ample knowledge of audit frameworks including NIST, HIPAA, ISO, OCR, HITRUST, PCI and other security frameworks helps us address any industry.

How confident are you that your Data is secure and protected? ​Will you find out when a catastrophe happens? If you had to grade your your security, what would you give it? IT Service providers often don't have the in-house data security skills to safeguard every aspect of your Information Systems, so get a 3rd party Futuremax Technical Inspection to verify all gaps have been identified.   

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