We specialize in technology compliance and work with all industries especially experienced in Healthcare, so if you provide Medical services, we can help you achieve HIPAA compliance. We provide Business Associate Agreements and are HIPAA Compliance certified.

We ALWAYS represent you; owners/management team and will work with your internal or external IT support to make sure your COMPANY SECURITY AND DATA are protected and meets industry compliance requirements.


No IT Support? No problem!  We have vast experience in computer-network-security to identify risks and can review your tech infrastructure.


FutureMax provides consulting and guidance in three critical areas(Administrative, Technical and Physical) to meet and exceed the ever changing compliance requirements, we have the workflow plans organized to address each area. So, whether you need assistance in one or all three, we are here to help, call us today.


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Review and analysis of electronic protected health iformation(ePhi) security


If you are Healthcare Provider, the government considers you a "Covered Entity".



To reduce risks to EPHI, covered entities must implement technical safeguards. Implementation of the Technical Safeguards standards represent good business practices for technology and associated technical policies and procedures within a covered entity. It is important, and therefore required by the Security Rule, for a covered entity to comply with the Technical Safeguard standards and certain implementation specifications; a covered entity may use any security measures that allow it to reasonably and appropriately do so.


The Risk Analysis implementation specification requires covered entities to: “Conduct an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of

electronic protected health information held by the covered entity.”



1. Identify scope of assessment

2. Gather data about your infrastructure

3. Identify and document potential threats and vulnerabilities

4. Identify security measures and finalize documentation

5. Provide mitigation plan


Provide mitigation plans, modification plans and controls for ongoing compliance


After we complete the Risks Assessment, the next step is risk management. Risk management, required by the HIPAA guidelines, includes the implementation of

security measures to reduce risk to reasonable and appropriate levels.


The key to success is our experience in IT that allows us to quickly identify key exposure areas that require the hightest attention.


We work and coordinate with your IT support team  to mitigate where needed. Our eForms are the key to document that you have applied controls to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of EPHI, protect against any reasonably

anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of EPHI, and protect against any reasonably anticipated uses or disclosures of EPHI that are not permitted or required under the HIPAA Privacy Rule.



1. Develop and implement a risk management plan

2. Implement security measures

3. Evaluate and maintain security measures




Provide all compliance reports, documentation and controls for HIPPA compliance proof


Our work plans include electronic documentation that we provide with all your Risk Assessment and Risk Management reviews to covers the three areas of IT HIPAA requirements:


  1. Administrative

  2. Technical

  3. Physical


We go beyond what is required to keep all your IT information centralized and organized in easy to access printed and electronic formats.


FutureMax provides our unique  eForms and other "must-have" guidance and tools to maintain your compliance documentation well organized.


Let us show you how you can smartly and confidently safeguard all your IT systems to quickly recover, restore or provide proof that you are HIPAA compliant and beyond.



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